Mission of XIXO Ecosystem is to become a digital technology platform for construction, real estate and industrial activities, including e-commerce trading marketplace chothicong.com with the task of Supply Chain Digitalization. Xixo has the goal of contributing to digital transformation in asset and property creation activities and becoming a self-operating platform in the future.



        1. Vision: Become a digital economy ecosystem for the field of Construction, Real Estate and Industrial Production, autonomous ecosystem with regional scale.

        2. ​ Mission

  • Formalize, digitalize and automate constructional and industrial activities
  • Creating, maintain and develop a supply chain and a global value
  • Make construction services become “Global Supply, Local Services”.

        3Value: Easy business, easy to build and easy to control for anyone and anywhere.

  • Cheap, genuine, convenient, timely and safe
  • Asset creation and payment process (Fulfillment & win – win)
  • Easy to start a business, easy to change by location and time (Now economic, share economic)
  • Easy bidding/ trading from Domestic to Global
  • Promote the O2O model (online to offline) – Find online and receive offline, support traditional business (offline Shops)
  • New model of bidding, new services, new jobs and new markets
  • Develop the brand (Investors only need budget and ideas, the rest is chothicong.com’s responsibility


  • Xixo.vn: Our main website where you can get to know more about us 
  • Xixotv.com: A channel providing news and events about construction, real estate and industrial activities in Vietnam
  • Chothicong.com: An e-commerce platform for international traders and manufacturers 


  • Address: Floor 16th, TNR Tower, 54 Nguyen Chi Thanh Street, Hanoi, Vietnam
  • Phone: +84-975668989
  • Email: raymond@xixo.vn
  • Website: xixo.vn / xixotv.com
  • Chothicong.com

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